COOL News Archive 2011

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This web page has an archive of past church COOL News newsletters.  (Current newsletters can be found by checking for Calender --> COOL News under the top menu bar.)  Please note that in order to view a newslstter, you will need to first download the Adobe Acrobat Reader . You can download the reader for free by clicking on the 'Get Acrobat Reader' button on the right.
Download Adobe Reader

Click on the newsletter you want, in order to open it in your browser. 

To download the newsletters right click on the one you want and choose "Save".  Make sure you save the file in a known location like your "desktop" or "Documents" folder.   Then you can open the file as you would any other Adobe PDF document. 

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Wherever riches have increased, the essence of religion has decreased in the same proportion. Therefore I do not see how it is possible in the nature of things for any revival of religion to continue long. For religion must necessarily produce both industry and frugality, and these cannot but produce riches. But as riches increase, so will pride, anger, and love of the world in all its branches.
John Wesley