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Updated: 34 min 11 sec ago

Nigeria: unexploded air force bombs found in shelled Christian village (World Watch Monitor)

17 hours 35 min ago
Villagers allege that the Nigerian military was complicit in an attack on Christians last December.

Mississippi governor signs bill banning abortions after 15 weeks (

17 hours 35 min ago
The bill contains exceptions for “risks to the life or physical health of the mother, or fatal fetal anomalies,” according to the report.

Protestant church faces government harassment in Kazakhstan (Forum 18)

17 hours 35 min ago
The nation of 18.6 million is 70% Muslim and 26% Christian (primarily Russian Orthodox).

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries for priests (Aid to the Church in Need)

17 hours 36 min ago
“For the ninth year in a row, and even though no wars are being fought on our soil, our country is the nation with the highest number of murders of priests,” said a Mexican priest and journalist. “Religious freedom has been completely undermined and severely threatened by organized crime.”

Leading Vatican diplomat decries 'ideological colonization' of Africa (Holy See Mission)

17 hours 36 min ago
“The phrase describes the attempt of powerful and wealthy donors to compel developing countries that were once militarily and economically colonized to accept secularized practices with regard to human sexuality, life, family and even basic anthropology, as a condition for the reception of development assistance,” said Archbishop Bernardito Auza, the Vatican’s representative at the UN.

India: bishops condemn attack on Catholic hospital (Vatican News)

17 hours 36 min ago
The bishops described the March 12 attack as “dastardly and inhuman.”

David Wyman, scholar of America's Holocaust response, dies at 89 (New York Times)

18 hours 35 min ago
Wyman, whose death was mentioned in L’Osservatore Romano (3/18 Italian ed.), was the author of “The Abandonment of the Jews: America and the Holocaust 1941-1945.”

Anglican leader, Saudi Arabia's crown prince discuss religious freedom (Archbishop of Canterbury)

18 hours 36 min ago
“The Archbishop shared his concern about limits placed on Christian worship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” according to a statement from Archbishop Justin Welby’s office. “The Crown Prince made a strong commitment to promote the flourishing of those of different faith traditions, and to interfaith dialogue within the Kingdom and beyond.”

Pope responds to young people's questions at pre-synodal meeting (Vatican News)

19 hours 35 min ago
The 15th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will take place in October, is devoted to “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.” At a pre-synodal meeting (video 1, video 2), the Pontiff delivered an address and addressed questions on five topics, including human trafficking and tattoos.

Leading Russian Orthodox official discusses his vote in presidential election (Moscow Patriarchate)

19 hours 35 min ago
Vladimir Putin trounced his Communist and other opponents in the March 18 election. Metropolitan Hilarion, the Russian church’s chief ecumenical officer, said, “I have voted for the man with whose name we associate our hopes for stable development of our society, for higher welfare of our citizens, for higher birth rate, for the state’s care of families including extended ones, and for the stable development of relationships between the state and the traditional religious confessions.”

Europe's bishops protest Jerusalem's proposal to tax religious buildings (CCEE)

19 hours 35 min ago
The Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe was joined by the Conference of European Churches, a fellowship of non-Catholic churches and ecclesial communities.

Pope discusses conditions for proper discernment in address to priests, seminarians (Zenit)

19 hours 35 min ago
Prayer and consultation are two conditions for “true discernment,” the Pope told priests and seminarians from Rome’s pontifical colleges. “When there isn’t discernment in priestly life,” the Pope added, “rigidity and casuistry” are found instead; one becomes “incapable of advancing,” everything “becomes closed,” and “the Holy Spirit doesn’t work.”

English bishops announce day of prayer for survivors of sexual abuse (Catholic Church in England & Wales)

19 hours 35 min ago
The day of prayer will take place on Friday, March 23.

Pope ordains 3 bishops, says 'prayer is a bishop's first task' (Vatican News)

19 hours 35 min ago
On March 19, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica and ordained three Vatican diplomats to the episcopate (video, booklet).

Resignations and appointments (3/19) (Vatican Press Office)

19 hours 36 min ago
Pope Francis accepted the resignation of an Indian archbishop for reasons of age and appointed his successor. He also appointed an apostolic nuncio to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.