Mission and Vision Statements

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Our Mission and Vision Statements

Our Vision

We, the Church of Our Lady, are a faith-filled community united by our love of God and our love of all people.  All who come to us shall be welcomed, supported and accepted solely for who they are.  We are called to live out the Good News and to proclaim it within and beyond ourselves as a community, and to celebrate the Good News in praise and worship.

Our Mission

Church of Our Lady is a community of Catholic Christians who are called by Baptism to love and serve through our worship of God and our service to others.  We are called:

  • to proclaim God's presence and love to the people of southeast Columbus, and to all who come to us;
  • to minister to them in their need;
  • to act and speak with boldness in the profession of our faith;
  • to share our faith and love of God with all whose lives we touch;
  • and to acknowledge, nurture and celebrate the gift of every individual and encourage the use of those gifts for the good of all.

Thus, our mission is to lead people to a personal relationship with God within a community of faith.

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