Paper Recycling Program

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Recycle Your Paper for the Church and the Environment!

In 2004, Church of Our Lady contracted with Abitibi Consolidated, Recycling Division (Now AbiBow), to recycle many kinds of paper.  We felt then, and still do, that this is an excellent way of honoring our responsibility to be good stewards of the earth.  Two bins were placed toward the front of our east parking lot for ease of access -- not only for us as members of C.O.O.L., but for our neighbors, too.  AbiBow will accept newspapers (including the Sunday ads), magazines, catalogs, and mail (don’t forget to obliterate any sensitive info!). They don't want telephone books because the paper they're printed on has been recycled so many times that it's worn out and unusable. Nor will they accept cereal and other food boxes, including milk cartons, and corrugated cardboard.

So, what happens to all the paper they collect?  Among other buyers, the Columbus Dispatch uses their recycled paper for their newspapers. And what do WE get out of it?  A lot -- if we all pitch in.  When AbiBow picks up the collected paper, the truck -- which has a scale on its loading fork -- weighs it.  The weight accumulates over a month, at which time the total is rendered.  Under two tons for the month, we've done a good job of recycling, and that's about all. Between two and four tons, we get $2.00 per ton.  Over four tons, we get $15.00 per ton.

Our records don’t go back to 2004; but since 2006 Church of Our Lady has recycled 439.65 tons of paper, netting us $6,832.61. One thing our records do show is that participation over the last several years has dropped! In 2008 we recycled 85.06 tons; but in 2011 we collected only 58.27 tons. So, spread the word and rally all your friends and neighbors to bring tons of paper to church.   Also, any businesses you deal with are welcome to contribute.  The only thing AbiBow asks is that if you bring shredded paper, please bag and tie it so it won't fly about when the truck empties the bin.

Please help by doing your part in this great stewardship campaign!

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