Father Ed Shikina Answers Questions

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Fr. Ed Shikina, who grew up in the COOL Parish, conducts Mass and answers questions:

The "Ask A Priest" feature on YouTube with Fr. Ed:
Ask A Priest

Mass with Fr. Ed (includes masses by other priests at St. Brendan the Navigator)

Fr. Ed's note:
Hi ,
I started doing a feature called ask-a-priest and those videos are on our YT site. I answer questions that people submit to me. 
This week, I'll be doing Mass on Tuesday at 8 AM, Wed at 5:30 PM, Friday at 8 AM. They will be live-streamed at those times but they stay recorded on our pages. 
God bless!
Fr Ed

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A Message from Father Coleman

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Father Coleman Message

Event Date: 
Fri, 04/17/2020 - 7:55 PM
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Parish Office

Knights of Columbus Prayer for Protection in the Time of Pandemic

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The Knights of Columbus have offered a Prayer for Protection in the Time of Pandemic. You can read about the prayer online , download the prayer below or watch the video .

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Message from the Bishop of Columbus

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

I write to you again to speak about the many challenges we all face in light of the growing Coronavirus pandemic, which is so significantly impacting every facet of our daily lives.  As you already know, the bishops of Ohio earlier this week decided to suspend the public celebration of Mass in every diocese of the state, and dispensed to the faithful from their obligation to attend Mass at least through Easter Sunday. 

I cannot begin to tell you how difficult and painful this decision was, especially during the Lenten season. But, after consultation with our Governor and s everal health and medical officials, and faced with the stark realities regarding the spread of this virus, it became apparent that this dramatic step was critical to making sure we are doing all we can to help curtail the spread of this virus and keep our communities healthy.  This extreme measure is a stark reminder of the necessity for all of us to heed the warnings of health and government officials to stay at home. 

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Thu, 03/19/2020 - 8:35 PM
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